Opinion: Deal with Crow Tribe helps meet world's energy needs

Colin Marshall, CEO of Cloud Peak Energy, touts a coal exploration agreement with the Crow Tribe of Montana:
Cloud Peak Energy is proud to be one of Montana’s largest job providers and taxpayers. We operate Montana’s largest coal mine, the Spring Creek Mine, near the Wyoming border. Cloud Peak Energy’s 2013 total coal sales of 89.1 million tons supplied approximately 4 percent of the nation’s electricity; enough energy to power approximately 15 million U.S. homes.

In 2013, our company paid $360 million in taxes and royalties, of which $55 million went to the state of Montana. For the same year, our corporate income totaled $52 million.

While American electricity demand is projected to be stable for the next few decades, there is a tremendous opportunity to increase production from Montana to export to growing Asian markets.

In addition, Cloud Peak Energy signed option and exploration agreements with the Crow Indian Tribe in Montana covering more than 1 billion tons of the tribe’s coal. If even a small portion of their coal were to be mined, it would bring significant benefits to the tribe’s people by providing well-paying, stable jobs and significant tax revenues.

Coal is a vital part of our national energy portfolio. Moreover, coal is an important export commodity in high demand throughout the world. Montana has a tremendous opportunity before it to supply some of that demand and create new jobs and investment in our state in the process.

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Colin Marshall: Montana should meet world's energy needs (The Billings Gazette 4/3)

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