Editorial: Diane Humetewa makes history books as federal judge

Diane Humetewa
Diane Humetewa

Newspaper welcomes confirmation of Diane Humetewa, a member of the Hopi Tribe, to serve as a federal judge in Arizona:
As a Hopi woman, Humetewa has roots in our state that go deeper than the Grand Canyon. But her ancestors — the first Americans — were not considered U.S. citizens.

What she's achieved represents both triumph and inspiration.

But her journey doesn't play into the standard political narrative, either.

Humetewa is a bipartisan success story. She was sworn in as U.S. Attorney for Arizona in 2007 after being nominated by Republican former President George W. Bush. In 2013, she was nominated to serve as U.S. district judge in Arizona by Democratic President Barack Obama.

Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain and former Sen. Jon Kyl backed her the first time. McCain and Sen. Jeff Flake championed her nomination to the federal bench, which was confirmed by the Senate last week.

"Truly historic," is how McCain characterized it. Flake praised her "trailblazing way."

While representation of Native American women in the professions is far lower than it should be, Humetewa is evidence that the highest success is within reach.

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