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Faction of Paskenta Band asks BIA to recognize new leaders

A faction of the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians in California is asking the Bureau of Indian Affairs to recognize a new set of leaders.

Chairman Andy Freeman delivered a petition to the BIA's Central California Agency on Thursday. His faction claims tribal members elected four new council members in May.

The BIA, however, has not recognized the results of that election. According to an administrative order that was issued on Monday, the last uncontested council consists of Freeman and four other leaders who are still holding onto power.

Those four other leaders say they have been trying to meet with Freeman to resolve the dispute. Tensions have been high on the reservation, with both factions sending security forces to the tribal casino.

“Paskenta has never been a violent tribe. The Nomlaki people are peaceful and respectful of government process,” Vice Chairman David Swearinger.said in a press release.

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