Tony Bobtail Bear Sr. entertains the crowd at Standing Rock powwow

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama made history on Friday with their visit to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe but they missed out on some Indian humor while they were meeting with youth on the reservation.

Tony Bobtail Bear Sr., a tribal member, provided emcee duties during the Cannon Ball Flag Day Celebration. He had the crowd -- and the Internet -- on the floor for over an hour as they waited for the Obamas to show up to the powwow grounds.

"When the powwow committee gave me a call about three weeks ago and asked me to be the announcer for them," Bobtail Bear said, "I didn’t know that they were getting me into this."

So enjoy 21 of Bobtail Bear's greatest hits on the Indianz.Com SoundCloud. A track listing follows:
1. So Here I Am
2. Tex Hall Is Up To Date
"I already introduced Tex, the man in the fluorescent green. He’s up to date and he’s dressed cool."
3. Heat v. Spurs
4. Looking
"Those tribal chairmen raised their hands but they’re all looking at each other. That’s how they do in a tribal meeting — when they vote they all look at each other first before they vote."
5. B-I-N-G-O
6. Obama's Submarine
7. What's My Name
"A lot of you don’t know me and I don’t know you so why should I tell you my name? My name is Tony Runs Around The Bush And Never Comes Out."
8. The Weather
9. 5'2
Introducing the arena director Charlie Lester Jr.
10. My Wife
"When she's around I can't talk like the way I'm talking now. So you're all glad that she's not here."
11. The Wait
"Is it OK if I ask what the president is doing over there? We've been waiting here for almost 20 minutes now."
12. White Hair
"That's why I don't wanna be a politician. My hair's still purdy and black."
13. Secret Service Lady
14. Suits
"A lot of these guys I didn't recognize when I seen them cause they all have suits on."
15. Cobell Checks
"How many of you are waiting for you Cobell checks?"
16. Casino
17. Crazy Horse
18. Let's Dance
"How many of you wanna see all the Secret Service dance?"
19. Boss Indians Around
"Don't we all often wonder what the BIA stands for?"
20. No Crows
"Anybody here from the Crow Nation? They don't dare come to Sioux country."
21. No Redskins
"How many of you like the Washington Redskins? Killed them off right away."

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