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Lytton Band donates $1M to bolster land-into-trust application

This property is included in the Lytton Band land-into-trust application. Photo from Lytton Residential Development Environmental Assessment

The Lytton Band of Pomo Indians in California is donating $1 million to a school district to bolster its land-into-trust application.

The memorandum of agreement calls on the Windsor School District to support the tribe's application. The school will receive the money whether or not the land goes into trust.

“Everyone is excited about the possibility of approving this deal,” school board Vice President George Valenzuela told The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat. “We’re all happy with the relationship with the tribe and we are thankful for the generous donation of $1 million.”

The tribe wants 124 acres placed in trust for a housing project, a cultural center and other purposes. The application has been under consideration at the Bureau of Indian Affairs since July 2009.

In related news, the tribe donated another $25,000 to support the campaign of Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska). The tribe previously donated $52,700 to Begich's campaign and to Democrats in Alaska.

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