Larry Spotted Crow Mann: Thank Indian veterans for America

Larry Spotted Crow Mann

Larry Spotted Crow Mann says America owes its existence to tribal warriors who have been defending their homelands since the earliest wars:
For over 200 years Native Americans have had the highest record of service in the US military per capita when compared to other ethnic groups. This leaves little doubt regarding the patriotism, love of land, family and warrior spirit that still remains.

Not only have they served in every war, battle and conflict in support of America—their fearless resolve was first on display in the countless ‘Indian wars’ against Europeans in defense of tribal sovereignty and independence.

King Philip’s War of 1675 is one of them. After numerous violations, usurping of tribal lands and outlawing spiritual practices by the English the Indians of New England had had enough. Metacom, aka King Phillip, after which the war was dubbed, was the son of the great chief of the Pokanoket, Massasoit—the one who greeted the Pilgrims. King Phillip united with the war chief of the Nipmuc, Mattawamp, Narragansett Sachem Canonchet, and many other warriors who came together to form a powerful alliance to fight for their independence. This was one of bloodiest wars on American soil with heavy causalities on both sides amid mass destruction of English towns and Native villages.

This is just but one small portion of innumerable stories of tribes across the US and Canada who fought to defend their homeland.

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