Public News Service: New school focuses on Dakota and Ojibwe

The Bdote Learning Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo from Facebook

The Bdote Learning Center is a new school in Minnesota that immerses students in the Ojibwe or Dakota languages:
As the number of speakers fluent in Native American languages continues to fade, a Minnesota school like few others in this nation is helping to keep those languages alive.

The Bdote Learning Center in Minneapolis is a year-round charter school where the students are immersed in either Dakota or Ojibwe. Interim Director Mike Huerth said it's an incredibly important time for both.

"My sons live on a reservation that has lost its language," he said. "There are no more speakers alive in that tribe - and it's a very sad thing, because once a language dies, it doesn't come back."

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MN School Helps Revival of Native American Languages (Public News Service 10/1)

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