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Omaha Tribe links incident to dispute over reservation borders

A view of the Omaha Nation Public School on the Omaha Reservation in Nebraska. Photo from Facebook

The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska is linking an incident involving a school bus to a dispute over the boundaries of the reservation.

The bus was leaving the village of Pender after a football game on Friday night when it was struck by something, the tribal council said. The bus was carrying students, staff and coaches but no one was injured.

"The Omaha Tribal Council is deeply concerned that this action from the Pender Community is an act intended to intimidate, cause fear and to terrorize those aboard the bus," the tribe said in a statement. "The town of Pender, Nebraska is and always has been on the Omaha Tribal Reservation."

Some residents and business owners in Pender claim the village no longer falls within reservation boundaries. But a federal judge in February ruled that the reservation has not been diminished.

Authorities said they are investigating the incident.

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