Brian Vallie: A message for the indigenous peoples of America

Portrait of a Man, Said to be Christopher Columbus, by Sebastiano del Piombo. Image from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Brian Vallie brings a special PowerPoint of Evil from Christopher Columbus:
After a very long trip, we've finally made it to your shores, we bring with us greed, corruption and disease by the spores.

We'll conceive Manifest Destiny for ourselves so strategically, it doesn't have a place for you though, and will end for you tragically.

You taught us to eat and survive when our lives were at stake, when we gain your trust we'll repay you with a smallpox outbreak.

When winter comes and your elders and children are cold, we'll give them nice fuzzy blankets to hold.

Gifts straight from the heart that are soft as a fox, did I mention they're knowingly infected with pox?

The smaller your numbers the more land we can claim, its nothing personal its just the name of the game.

Claiming good land and attempting to build wealth, is a right only for white settlers capable in health.

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