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Colville Tribes appeals court dismisses trust fund settlement case

Jim Boyd. Photo from The Tribal Tribune / Facebook

A lawsuit that would have forced the Colville Tribes of Washington to distribute the remainder of a $193 million trust fund settlement.

The tribe distributed half of the settlement on a per capita basis. Members received about $10,400 in two payments in 2012.

A group called Colville Members for Justice sought the rest of the money and filed suit against tribal leaders. But a tribal court judge dismissed the case in October 2013, a decision upheld by the appellate court.

“This decision allows us to put this issue to rest and move forward with the unfettered implementation of the plan. It’s unfortunate that our tribes have been divided on this issue, but we are excited about the future," Chairman Jim Boyd said in a press release.

The tribe plans to use the remainder of the settlement for economic development and cultural preservation programs.

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Appeals court dismisses suit over spending of the Colville Tribe’s $193 million settlement (The Spokesman Review 12/9)

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