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Editorial: Think hard about Navajo Nation project in Grand Canyon

Artist's rendering of a tram to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Image from Grand Canyon Escalade

Arizona newspaper urges leaders of the Navajo Nation to exercise great caution while considering a tourism project in Grand Canyon National Park:
Would a $150 million development above the confluence of the Colorado and the Little Colorado rivers have a negative impact on Grand Canyon National Park?

The project should not move ahead if the answer is anything short of "absolutely not."

The Canyon experience should not be compromised for the sake of development.

That's a harsh statement — especially considering the high unemployment and poverty rates on the Navajo Reservation. The need for jobs there is acute.

But this proposal is controversial even among members of the Navajo Nation. Some feel it would give the tribe more control over sacred areas, in addition to providing needed jobs. Others feel it would be sacrilegious to develop in this place. There are also concerns about the impact on the fragile ecosystem.

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Editorial: Think hard before you build that Grand Canyon resort (The Arizona Republic 9/5)

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