Editorial: BIA fails to resolve Cayuga Nation leadership dispute

The LakeSide Trading gas station and convenience store in Union Falls, New York, a business owned by the Cayuga Nation. Photo from The Finger Lake Times Marketplace

New York newspaper calls on members of Congress to force the Bureau of Indian Affairs to take action in a leadership dispute within the Cayuga Nation:
How the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs can maintain its public silence on the Cayuga Nation divide is beyond comprehension. We've seen roads closed, property damaged, arrests made, people hospitalized. And it's all been happening within a few blocks of a school, fire station and village businesses.

We know local officials have been trying to get the BIA to act. We know some state and federal officials have made some behind-the-scenes overtures. We even know both of the opposing Cayuga Nation factions have called on the agency to definitively state who it recognizes as the Cayuga Nation's federal representative.

But no matter what has been tried to date, nothing has been resolved.

One thing that is clear from every stakeholder in this mess: this is a federal government problem.

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Editorial: Congressional representatives need to help in Union Springs (The Auburn Citizen 11/23)

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