Magazine: Artist confronts challenge as 'Last Indian on Earth' (February 14, 2014)

The Washington Post Magazine runs a feature on Gregg Deal, the artist behind The Last American Indian On Earth.

Review: Blackfeet veteran's struggles portrayed in 'Jimmy P' (February 14, 2014)

Benecio Del Toro plays a Blackfeet veteran in Jimmy P, whose cast includes Native actors Gary Farmer, Michelle Thrush, Misty Upham and Michael Greyeyes.

DNA study shows link between ancient baby and Native people (February 14, 2014)

A baby boy who was burn in Montana about 12,600 years ago was related to present-day Native people.

Dina Gilo-Whitaker: Colonialism leaves stain on Indian people (February 14, 2014)

Dina Gilio-Whitaker shares an experience with Indian-on-Indian racism.

Tate Walker: Put an end to violence against indigenous women (February 14, 2014)

Tate Walker calls for end to violence against Native women in the US and Canada.

Editorial: Washington team still stuck on wrong side of history (February 14, 2014)

The Washington Post calls on professional football team owner to eliminate mascot.

Native Sun News: Boarding school survivor seeks reconciliation (February 14, 2014)

An Indian boarding school survivor-advocate and champion of efforts to promote intercultural reconciliation, Francisco Cali Tzay received hearty congratulations Feb. 3, when he was elected the first-ever indigenous president of the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.