CDC reports show high death rates among Native Americans (April 22, 2014)

Death rates for Native Americans are nearly 50 percent greater than rates among non-Hispanic Whites, according to the CDC.

Blog: Climate change impacts Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations (April 22, 2014)

Ongoing series on climate change and the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations in British Columbia.

Peter Twitchell: Stop passing the buck on our Yup'ik culture (April 22, 2014)

Peter Twitchell urges Yup'ik people to carry on their traditions and culture.

Wendell George: Little Joe connects with his tribal heritage (April 22, 2014)

Wendell George, a member of the Colville Confederated Tribes of Washington, shares the story of Little Joe.

Photos: Cowboy Indian Alliance rides to National Mall in DC (April 22, 2014)

The Cowboy Indian Alliance arrived in Washington, D.C., this morning.

Murray Sinclair: Effects of residential school era will linger (April 22, 2014)

Murray Sinclair, the chairman of the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission, says the effects of the residential school era won't go away overnight.

Oneida Nation to host PGA championship at resort in 2016 (April 22, 2014)

The Oneida Nation of New York will host the 49th PGA championship in 2016.

Opinion: Maps represent destruction of Native people in US (April 22, 2014)

Writer discusses what a map of the United States looks like from indigenous eyes.

Choctaw Nation Chief Greg Pyle set to retire after 17 years (April 22, 2014)

Choctaw Nation Chief Greg Pyle is retiring after 17 years in office.

Wyoming tribes share per cap from $157M trust settlement (April 22, 2014)

The Eastern Shoshone Tribe and the Northern Arapaho Tribe of Wyoming are sharing in a $157 million trust fund settlement.

Alray Nelson: Bring marriage equality to the Navajo Nation (April 22, 2014)

Alray Nelson, the founder of the Coalition for Navajo Equality, calls for the repeal of the Dine Marriage Act of 2005.

Winona LaDuke: Tribes won't see benefits from Keystone XL (April 22, 2014)

Activist Winona LaDuke says the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline won't bring long-term benefits to Indian Country.

Navajo Nation Council to take up higher tax on junk foods (April 22, 2014)

The Navajo Nation Council will reconsider a tax on junk foods that was vetoed by President Ben Shelly.

Steven Newcomb: UNDRIP falls under domination framework (April 22, 2014)

Steven Newcomb explains why the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples leave free people under continued domination.

DaShanne Stokes: 'Indian' mascots carry harmful impacts (April 22, 2014)

DaShanne Stokes cites five studies that show how Indian mascots harm Indian people.

DOI Secretary Sally Jewell delivers keynote at tribal summit (April 22, 2014)

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell will deliver the keynote at a tribal summit in Washington this week.

DOI Deputy Secretary Mike Connor hosts Earth Day webchat (April 22, 2014)

Mike Connor, the second-highest ranking official at the Interior Department, will be hosting a special Earth Day webchat this afternoon.

Native Sun News: Pine Ridge man behind Revolution Couture (April 22, 2014)

If you search Google image for Native Fashion, the first 20 or more images that come up will most likely be everything from Vogue to Katie Perry.

Native Sun News: Sisseton Wahpeton fighter gets big chance (April 22, 2014)

Every fighter dreams of the day when they get their big shot; the time when all the stars align and everything seems to be working out perfectly.