Native American Land Conservancy works to protect sacred site

A view of the Old Woman Mountains Preserve. Photo from Native American Land Conservancy

The Native American Land Conservancy has acquired a site in California that's sacred to the Chemehuevi Tribe and other tribes.

The 2,600-acre site was a meeting place for tribes in the region. It houses pictographs and important plants but has faced threats from thieves and off-road activities.

“There’s been a lot of desecration of these sacred sites,” Matt Leivas, a Chemehuevi spiritual leader, told The Havasu News. “There are pictographs and things on the ground. All these things are being taken by collectors and they’re not knowing what they’re doing to the landscape.”

NALC secured a $346,000 grant from the state of California and additional funds from the Bureau of Land Management to acquire the Old Woman Mountains Preserve. The first step in the project is building a fence and planting a healing garden, the News reported.

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