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Bill seeks to make Indian Coal Production Tax Credit permanent

Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Montana), fourth from left, with leaders of the Crow Tribe. Chairman Darrin Old Coyote is standing next to him. Photo from Facebook

Members of Montana's Congressional delegation will be introducing a bill to extend the Indian Coal Production Tax Credit and make it permanent.

The credit, which expired in December, gives a break to companies that do business in Indian Country. The Crow Tribe supports the bill in hopes of spurring development on its reservation.

"We have an abundance of resources, and we’re willing to use those resources,” Chairman Darren Old Coyote said at a press conference with freshman Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Montana), The Billings Gazette reported.

Zinke said he will introduce the bill in the House in the coming days. A companion will be introduced in the Senate.

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