Alaska's largest tribe boycotts FedEx for ties to racist mascot

A view of FedEx Field in Maryland. Photo from Bernard Gagnon via Wikipedia

The Tlingit and Haida Tribes of Alaska announced a boycott of FedEx due to its business relationship with the Washington NFL team.

FedEx holds the naming rights to the stadium in Maryland where the team plays. And its president, Fred Smith, is a member of the team’s ownership group.

“The marketing partnership between FedEx and the NFL team continues to promote an offensive term used during a deplorable and inhumane period in our history suffered by the ancestors of our American Indian brothers and sisters,” President Richard Peterson, the leader of Alaska's largest tribe, said in a press release. “FedEx’s continued support of this team is disheartening and we encourage other tribes to rise up in solidarity to support this movement.”

The tribe itself will no longer use FedEx and Peterson hoped tribal members will also stop using the shipping service. The tribe has about 30,000 members.

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