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Georgia man defends Confederate flag as he claims Indian ancestry

A protest against the Confederate flag at the State House in South Carolina. Photo by Malike Brazile / Twitter

Lawmakers in South Carolina are moving to take down the Confederate flag at the state capitol but the symbol of the slave-owning South remains a point of pride in neighboring Georgia.

From 1956 to 2001, the Georgia flag featured the Confederate battle flag. The symbol remained there for the longest stretch of any in the state's history.

The state kept a smaller Confederate symbol on the flag for two more years. The current version, adopted in 2003, no longer includes any references to the polarizing image.

But that doesn't stop people in Georgia from proudly waving the battle flag. Earnest Fryer, 28, was flying it from his ice cream truck when The New York Times paid a visit to the state.

“We don’t want to offend nobody,” Fryer told the paper while claiming that he was part Cherokee.

Back in South Carolina, the state Senate vote 37 to 3 on Monday to remove the flag from the capitol in the wake of the mass shooting at an African American church . The House is expected to begin debate this week.

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