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Colville Tribes report vandalism of boat with racist messages

The Dream Catcher was vandalized with racist messages. Photo from Colville Tribes via The Tribal Tribune

The Colville Tribes of Washington are offering a $2,500 reward for information about the vandalism of a fishing boat.

The Dream Catcher was defaced with racist messages sometime on Tuesday. A photo published by The Tribal Tribune, the tribe's newspaper, shows the boat with "KKK" and "White Power" scrawled on it.

Some equipment also was stolen from The Dream Catcher, which is issued for fishing activities on the Columbia River. The tribe collects fish for its own use and also shares the catch with other tribes.

"Historically, our people have been recorded as catching up to ten tons of fish per day at just one of the many fisheries on the upper Columbia like Kettle Falls.  Today, our tribe catches a fraction of its historic catch,” Randall Friedlander, the director of the Colville Fish and Wildlife said today.

Anyone with information about the crime can contact tribal police at (509) 634-2472. The tribe has already added security cameras at the site where the boat was docked.

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