Poll shows support for placing image of Sacagawea on $10 bill

A statute of Sakakawea, with her son Jean Baptiste strapped to her back, represents North Dakota in the National Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol. Photo from Architect of the Capitol

A new poll shows 13 percent of Americans support placing an image of Sacagawea, who was the only woman on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, on the $10 bill.

Sacagawea, also spelled Sakakawea or Sacajawea, came in third in the Marist Poll released on Wednesday. Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was the clear front-runner with 27 percent support while abolitionist Harriet Tubman was the second most popular choice with 17 percent support.

The Department of Treasury is redesigning the $10 bill and will include an image of a woman on the paper currency. A group called Women on 20s has been advocating for a woman to appear on the $20 bill and Wilma Mankiller, who was the first woman to lead the Cherokee Nation, was a top contender in their tallies.

Sacagawea was a Lemhi Shoshone woman who assisted Meriwether Lewis and William Clark as they traveled across the Northwest from 1804 to 1806.

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