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Tribes in Oklahoma quick to express disinterest in marijuana

Marijuana is not the next big thing in Oklahoma, judging by the lack of interest from tribes in the state. Image from Native Nation Events

Several tribes in Oklahoma aren't interested in legalizing marijuana despite interest in the drug elsewhere in Indian Country.

Oklahoma Watch contacted tribes that were listed as attendees of a recent marijuana conference in San Diego, California. The Cherokee Nation and the Otoe-Missouria Tribe, however, said they were in town for a different event that was held at the same time.

“The Cherokee Nation has not had representation at any conferences on the growing or selling of marijuana," a spokesperson for the state's largest tribe told Oklahoma Watch.

The Otoe-Missouria spokesperson said marijuana is "not a direction we’re going in," Oklahoma Watch reported.

For good measure, Oklahoma Watch also asked other tribes about marijuana. The Chickasaw Nation and the Choctaw Nation are not interested in the drug, representatives said.

Marijuana is illegal under state and federal law. But the Department of Justice opened the door to legal forms of the drug in Indian Country with the 2014 Wilkinson memo.

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Despite Meeting, Okla. Tribes Say Marijuana Not in Plans (Oklahoma Watch 8/17)

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