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Opinion: Islamic extremists are making inroads on reservations

Leaders of the Warm Springs Tribes in Oregon presented a gift to the representatives of the Turkish government during a reception at the residence of the Turkish ambassador to the United States in November 2013. Photo from Turkish Coalition of America

Citing a tribal trip to Turkey and a failed tribal commerce bill that was introduced by Rep. Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma), writer wonders whether "illegal" Muslims are trying to invade the United States by going through Indian Country:
In 2012, U.S. Rep. Tom Cole R-Okla, introduced a bill to allow Muslims from Turkey special access to Indians, stating: “I was approached by the Turkish Coalition of America who have a deep interest in Turkey and American Indians. … Turkey’s continued interest in expanding business and cultural ties with the American Indian community … across the U.S.”

John Berrey, chairman of the Quapaw Tribe (Oklahoma), claimed: “The Turkish and Native American peoples are beginning to come together under their own momentum to develop broader and deeper economic and cultural ties.”

Beginning in 2008, the Turkish Coalition of America has awarded scholarships for Native American students to study abroad in Turkey. The Turkish Coalition of America spent millions flying Native American tribal leaders to Turkey, as reported on its 2010 IRS Form 990: “Sponsorship of educational travel for congressional members and staff as well as Native American leaders.”

The Indian Country Today Media Network reported: “The first Native American Business Cooperation Trip to Turkey, attracting 20 leaders from 17 Native American tribes … met with Turkish high officials, including Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu,” as reported by the Associated Press.

In 2011, Turkey’s deputy minister for foreign trade was the first foreign government official ever to address the American Indian Business Trade Fair and the Reservation Economic Summit (RES) in Las Vegas.

Turkey’s advances into the Native American tribes are promoted by Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and his Islamist Justice and Development party (AKP) who have been moving Turkey towards being an Islamic State. Erdogan is reportedly positioning himself to be considered as the caliph of the reemerging Islamic caliphate.

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