Carly McIntosh: Sharing the real truth about residential schools

A view of the Witness Blanket, a monument to recognize the atrocities of the residential school era in Canada. Photo from Facebook

Writer Carly McIntosh searches for the truth about the residential school era in Canada:
Information released on Indian Residential Schooling, how First Nation children were not allowed to believe in their own culture. The children were taken away from their families, and were forced to believe in Christianity. The year of 1870 is when Indian Residential Schooling had started. Close to 150,000 First Nation children were placed in Residential Schools across Canada. Many of the children in the schools were abused, while never being able to see their mother or father. The last Indian Residential School to close was in the year of 1996. Everyone was told to believe these schools were harmless, yet they were just like prison but worse.

Click here for a story by The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC), explaining the truth on what happened in Indian Residential Schools in Canada.

There are plenty more lies people were told and are made to believe. People have to start thinking for themselves and not believe everything they are told. With the amount of lies that spread everyday it is the largest virus in the world. If it does not feel true, it is not true. Listen to your inner self.

Don't believe everything they tell you to believe. Find the truth for yourself.

Get the Story:
Carly McIntosh: Mile-Long Noses: So Many Lies, So Little Time (CBC 9/6)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission Final Report:
Honouring the Truth, Reconciling for the Future (June 2015)

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