James Giago Davies: Don't let dominant culture dumb us down

James Giago Davies

Dominant culture anti-intellectualism
By James Giago Davies
Iyeska Journal

A blood red sunrise filled my rearview mirror as I headed west on Interstate 90 out of Sioux Falls. On either side of those four lanes, the main difference between East River and West River South Dakota was readily apparent.

East River is flat land, divided by neat shelter belts and fence lines, boxed-shaped, close-together little towns surrounded by small lakes and stock ponds. West River is sparsely populated, the wild, wide-open prairie split by rugged ridgelines and scenic canyon overlooks.

South Dakota is a conservative state, but if there is a difference between the two halves split by the Missouri River, West River is more conservative, and populated by a lot more Indians, who people generally consider to be Liberal. Progressive ideas are not generally expressed in South Dakota, and when they are, it is usually in the larger East River towns where odd things occur, which logic cannot defend.

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