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Petition seeks White House response on Indigenous People's Day

The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe hosted an Indigenous People's Day celebration in St. Paul, Minnesota, on October 12, 2015. Photo from Facebook

A growing number of tribes, schools, communities and states are joining the Indigenous People's Day movement.

From Alaska to Denver to the Mille Lacs Band to South Dakota, the second Monday of October is seen as a time to celebrate the first Americans. But there's one place where it's missing -- Oklahoma, home to 39 tribes and the second-largest population of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

"No form of slavery or genocide should be accepted or promoted by our government," a petition on reads. "It is time to dispel the illusions of the past and progress towards a more educated future."

So far the petition has fewer than 300 signatures. It needs a total of 100,000 by November to garner an official response from the White House.

Even though Oklahoma hasn't officially declared an Indigenous People's Day, students and administrators at the University of Oklahoma observed it on Monday. President David Boren issued a proclamation last week that recognizes the "forced migration, misuse of trust funds and other injustices" inflicted upon tribal people in the state.

"Native peoples have woven such a rich part of the fabric that makes our state unique and I think gives us reason to provide leadership to the rest of the country in these areas,” Boren said at the celebration on Monday, according to Red Dirt Report.

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