Dana Lone Elk: We are here and we are not going anywhere

Dana Lone Elk

Rez in the City
By Dana Lone Elk
LCT Columnist

I was recently asked why we think we need a Native American Day?

The person asking the question said she completely agreed that we didn't need Columbus Day. But wasn't it offensive to need a day called Native American Day? Or Indigenous Peoples Day or many of the other days named in honor of us as a people?

I thought about it, every single holiday we celebrate has to do with another race or religion. Sure we have our own tribal celebrations, pow wows and honor such days as Victory Day or honor days our heroes were killed defending us. But those are regional.

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There is not one day that honors us as a people in the whole. And Columbus landed here, started the invasion of this beautiful land, raped, pillaged, and enslaved many Indigenous people, then if we are going to take any one day for ourselves, why not take the day set aside to honor this country's first thief?

It can also be used as a day to educate the non-Natives of this country that we were always. We never discovered this land, we are from this land. And we are not going anywhere.

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