Eastern Cherokees consider disenrollment law for drug dealers

The flag of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Image from Wikipedia

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina might adopt stronger laws against tribal members who are convicted of dealing drugs.

The tribal council debated a resolution that could lead to banishment or disenrollment. Supporters of the idea noted that the tribe already takes a hard stance against non-Indians who deal drugs on the reservation.

“At no time have I targeted the addict, but I have targeted the dealer,” council member Teresa McCoy said at a meeting last week, The Smoky Mountain Mews reported. “If you want to kill a snake, you cut off its head.”

McCoy's resolution was tabled, The Cherokee One Feather reported, but the council is expected to continue discussing the idea. Other tribes have adopted banishment and disenrollment policies in an attempt to keep out drug dealers.

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