Steve Russell: The clown car of early GOP presidential hopefuls

Sarah Palin and friend Ted Nugent. Photo from Facebook

Judge and professor Steve Russell takes a look at the Republican presidential field:
I have too much self-preservation instinct to crash the Iowa Freedom Summit convened by Citizens United (the organization that lends its name to the SCOTUS decision upholding the right of corporate people to spend unlimited political money) and funded by the Koch Brothers. So I weaseled out by sending my Republican cousin Ray Sixkiller.

When I heard Sarah Palin would speak, I looked forward to razzing my cousin about it. He beat that back by reading me some reactions to Palin’s speech:

Calling Gov. Palin’s speech bizarre and disjointed would be charitable.

Long and incoherent.

Terrible. Didn’t make any sense.

Palin was a sad story Saturday. With every speech she gives, she gets worse and worse. If one were playing a political cliché drinking game, no one would have been sober after the first 15 minutes of an interminable ramble. It was really painful.

“What do you care about the lamestream media, Ray?”

“Those were all Republican quotes, from the Washington Examiner. We’re getting our act together this time!”

Cousin Ray was really down for the last two election cycles because they had the same losing dynamic. In 2008, the Republican primary clown car disgorged every not-McCain until McCain was driven so far to the right he could never get out of the ditch for the general election.

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