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Arguments heard in lawsuit over federal judge's racist e-mails

A federal judge heard arguments today in a dispute over the racist e-mails of a former federal judge from Montana.

Richard Cebull resigned from the bench after he admitted circulating a racist message about President Barack Obama. An investigation later turned up "hundreds" of other inappropriate emails -- including some about Native Americans.

The messages, however, are being kept from the public. Indian People’s Action, Four Directions and two members of the Crow Tribe want to see them to determine if Cebull showed bias in the courtroom.

"He may very well have said something specific in those emails about a specific person or a dumb Indian in his court room or something," Lita Pepion Indian People's Action told MTN News. "I think there might be some documentation to that in those emails. If there's not, fine. But let's just take a look and see."

The messages are being preserved under an order issued by Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers in California. Government attorneys are seeking a reconsideration of that order.

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Hearing Tuesday determines whether Judge's racist emails can be used in appeals (MTN News 5/26)

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