Ivan F. Star Comes Out: Tribes paid dearly for all that 'free' stuff

Ivan F. Star Comes Out

We paid dearly for these ‘free’ annuities
By Ivan F. Star Comes Out

This comes directly from the trenches, as one might say. Since 1492, among countless atrocities, indigenous people have had to tolerate some absurd imagery by the settlers. This stereotyping was and is promulgated within the greater society’s educational system. World history dictates that this is what happens when civilizations collide.

As a Lakota, I endured the adverse results of these now common views my entire life. Eventually though, I learned that the real problem was my own ignorance. This adverse typecasting did not materialize by chance. These baseless beliefs originate from papal edicts (1452) dehumanizing all non-Christians. Today’s hallowed Declaration of Independence declares “Indians” as inhumane creatures.

I now feel sympathetically embarrassed for white people when they complain about the free health care “Indians” get, meaning their taxes pay for it. They also complain about “free” education. Most ludicrous is the idea that “Indians” get a monthly government check and don’t pay taxes.

The truth behind this ranting about “free” stuff is that our hospitals and schools are not free. Federal government laid claim to millions of acres of Lakota land without the consent of the “Indians” as stipulated in the Ft. Laramie Peace Treaty of 1868. In other words, we paid dearly for these “free” annuities. Also, “Indian” treaties are as valid as treaties with European nations.

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