Woman on Crow Reservation admits to Social Security fraud (February 18, 2015)

Caroline Dee Bighair fraudulently claimed more than claim more than $23,000 in benefits for her son.

Oglala Sioux Tribe prepares to open new health clinic in May (February 18, 2015)

Tribal members have been working on the clinic for 40 years.

Muscogee Nation begins construction for $22M golf complex (February 18, 2015)

The FlyingTee Entertainment and Golf Complex is due to open in early 2016.

Hundreds pay respects to dog mushing legend George Attla Jr (February 18, 2015)

Attla won ten Fur Rendezvous Open World Championship titles and eight Open North American titles during his 54-year career in mushing.

Interior Secretary Jewell meets with Alaska Native leadership (February 18, 2015)

The leader of the Interior Department visited to Native villages and met with the Alaska Federation of Natives on her two-day trip.

Robert Heyano: Alaska tribes committed to fight against mine (February 18, 2015)

Bristol Bay is a unique and valuable treasure that cannot be put at risk.

Opinion: America's unjust efforts to preserve White privilege (February 18, 2015)

As I pass through the Navajo Nation on my 4,000-mile drive across America, I catch a disturbing glimpse of a white-power insurgency happening in all regions.

Lummi Nation leader announces meeting to discuss marijuana (February 18, 2015)

Henry Cagey, a council member and former chairman, wants to form the Tribal Cannabis Association.

Native Sun News: Del Iron Cloud brings Lakota history into art (February 18, 2015)

When viewing Hunkpapa artist Del Iron Cloud’s panoramic murals, one feels they have transcended time and are enjoying life with the Lakota’s that once roamed the Northern Plains.

Mohawk Council of Akwesasne: Concerns about US border bill (February 18, 2015)

When 9/11 happened, the national media was quick to point to Akwesasne as the route terrorists used to enter the country, and for weeks this information was shared around the world erroneously.