Agua Caliente Band seeks support at critical stage in water rights case (November 2, 2015)

Tribal advocates are worried that a negative ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals could have an impact across Indian Country.

Center for Native American Youth hosts panel discussion in DC (November 2, 2015)

The event will feature three Native youth leaders who will discuss how they have overcome obstacles and made a difference in their communities.

Omaha Tribe holds advisory referendum on legalizing marijuana (November 2, 2015)

Members are being asked whether the tribe should legalize marijuana or industrial hemp.

Adrienne Keene: Native people can be guilty of stereotypes too (November 2, 2015)

As a Native person, or a person with Native ancestry, you are not somehow excused from criticism for a racist, stereotypical costume.

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs schedules listening session (November 2, 2015)

Dual taxation, tax credits and the large employer mandate that is forcing some tribes to pay millions of dollars in tax penalties are some of the items on the agenda.

House subcommittee to hold hearing on three tribal measures (November 2, 2015)

Lawmakers will take testimony on bills to place land in trust for the Pascua Yaqui Tribe and the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians and on another to help tribes address the impacts of climate change.

Mark Curry: Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from Indian Country (November 2, 2015)

Many American Indian tribes have been enormously successful launching sustainable businesses in high-growth industries.

Robert Jumper: Be thankful for our Eastern Cherokee veterans (November 2, 2015)

On the Veterans’ Memorial, in front of the tribal finance office and council house, engraved in granite, are the names of all enrolled members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians who served in the armed forces and have passed away.

Special Trustee Vince Logan to meet with advisory board in DC (November 2, 2015)

Special Trustee Vince Logan brought the board back to life after years of inaction under the Bush administration.

Jeff Kolpack: Brittany Brownotter serves as a role model for Native youth (November 2, 2015)

If there is a little Native American girl out there looking for somebody to be like when she grows up, Brittany Brownotter would be an ideal role model.

Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation elects leadership at meeting (November 2, 2015)

Chairman Rodney Butler was elected to a fifth consecutive term on the council and to a third term as chairman.

Obama to speak with Native youth at Tribal Nations Conference (November 2, 2015)

The president will address tribal leaders and engage in a 'conversation' with Native youth at the seventh annual event.

Mark Trahant: Indian Country needs a long-term budget solution (November 2, 2015)

Of course any budget that passes with more Democrats than Republicans is considered awful.

Delphine Red Shirt: Traditional tribal teachings benefit our youth (November 2, 2015)

In many ways, like all government policy, when something is taken away that should have stayed in place (our religion) and is later restored the damage may be too great.

Native Sun News: Great Plains tribes address issues of inmates (November 2, 2015)

As a result of the recent articles on Native Sun News’ visits to the state penitentiary, the newspaper was asked to present information gained to the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association’s meeting in Rapid City.

Christie Poitra: Another Halloween and another fake headdress (November 2, 2015)

Native people and allies of Native folks find themselves in uncomfortable situations where they are forced to address racially and culturally insensitive Halloween costumes either on social media or in person.

Steve Russell: Ben Carson and the intrusion on women's rights (November 2, 2015)

I cannot for the life of me choose either economics or politics as morally superior to the other for making these decisions on behalf of ordinary working people.