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Native Sun News: Voters say no to waste dump near Pine Ridge

Toxic, radioactive fracking waste legally can be labelled “residual waste." Photo courtesy Protecting Our Waters

Voters nix first-ever frack waste dump proposal near Pine Ridge
By Talli Nauman
Native Sun News
Health & Environment Editor

HOT SPRINGS –– Voters nixed a proposed frack waste dump in Fall River County, adjacent to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota State’s Attorney James Sword told the Native Sun News immediately after the referendum vote count on Dec. 29.

As Fall River County’s prosecutor, Sword had fought all the way to the state Supreme Court to open the ballots after the waste dump promoters tried to block the referendum.

“The effort was not in vain,” he said. When the ballot boxes were opened, County Auditor Sue Gange certified 1,480 votes against the project and 1,290 for it.

However, the promoters have filed another case and now are trying to get the vote count thrown out. “We’re going to start working on that lawsuit to defend the vote and trying to get that to court sometime this summer,” Sword said.

In June 2014, the Edgemont City Council gave the green light for the dump to locate just outside the city limits, directing staff to serve written notice that the project proposed by High Plains Resources LLC would not be in violation of the city’s current zoning ordinances.” All six councilors approved the letter.

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