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Native Sun News: Lakota family humiliated by Rapid City police

Diane Comes and Sherman Bear Ribs. Lariet Comes’ relatives feel they are all affected by publishing Comes’ arrest records. Photo by Richie Richards

Public shaming by police hurts Lakota family
By Richie Richards
Native Sun News Staff Writer

RAPID CITY –– In “trying to publicly humiliate” Lariat Comes by publishing his arrest record this past week, the Rapid City Police Department had provided an example of a major failure of the judicial system in Pennington County.

By providing local news outlets with a list of Comes’ 77 arrests over the last eight years, which was then posted on social media pages and gave local residents an opportunity to provide commentary and discriminatory remarks regarding the Lakota man’s life and future.

Over the last eight years, Lariat Comes of Rapid City has been arrested 27 times for drinking in public, 17 times for misdemeanor theft, 14 times for trespassing, with several arrests for failure to vacate, misdemeanor assault, and threatening law enforcement officers.

One of the more coarse social media comments found on the KELO Land News’ Facebook page included a comment which stated, “Stand him up in front of a firing squad. One bullet is cheaper than 77 fxxxing (sic) arrests…” and another person posted, “If a native (sic) American is convicted of a crime they should be sent to the reservation. If they leave the reservation they should be thrown in the pen.”

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