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Sen. Lankford calls for removal of Andrew Jackson from $20 bill

Sen. James Lankford (R-Oklahoma) speaks at a Senate Committee on Indian Affairs hearing on substance abuse on July 29, 2015. Photo from SCIA / Flickr

Sen. James Lankford (R-Oklahoma) introduced a resolution on Thursday calling for the removal of Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill due to the former president's anti-Indian policies.

During the 1830s, Jackson forced tribes to leave their homelands in the southeast and walk the Trail of Tears to present-day Oklahoma. Lankford said "millions" of people were relocated and "thousands" lost their lives along the way.

"[T]he forced removal of American Indians by Andrew Jackson and the subsequent inhumane settlement of Indian lands represent a major blight on the proud history of the United States," the resolution states.

Lankford said Jackson's image should be replaced by that of a woman. He urged the public to contact the Department of Treasury, which plans to put a woman on the $10 bill.

“I support recognition of a historic American woman on the twenty-dollar bill and the removal of Andrew Jackson, since he began the Indian removal policies that forced thousands of American Indians off their ancestral homelands," Lankford said in a
press release.

Lankford sits on the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.

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