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Judge weighs compromise for $380M in leftover Keepseagle funds

Plaintiffs and attorneys in the Keepseagle lawsuit. Photo by Native Sun News

A federal judge is weighing an agreement that would result in the distribution of $380 million in leftover funds from the Keepseagle settlement.

According to The Washington Post, the compromise would send another round of cash and tax payments to people who already received a share of the settlement. The value of the payments would total $77 million, the paper said.

Another $38 million would go to nonprofit groups chosen by attorneys for the plaintiffs, the paper reported. The rest would go to a trust that would determine how to spend the money.

Judge Emmet Sullivan -- who previously described the situation as a "monumental" failure -- heard from supporters and opponents of the proposal in federal court in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. He's also received 300 comments -- most of them in opposition to the compromise, the Post reported.

The Obama administration reached the settlement in October 2010 to address discrimination at the Department of Agriculture. It included $680 million in payments to Indian farmers and ranchers and an $80 million loan forgiveness fund.

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Judge weighs fate of $380 million left over in 2010 Native American farm suit (The Washington Post 2/5)

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