Clara Caufield: Being careful and thankful for the life we are given

Clara Caufield. Photo from Native News Project / University of Montana School of Journalism

In the midst of silence
A Cheyenne Voice
By Clara Caufield

Midnight writings, such as this one, are usually a wreck. Yet I suspect that many columnists, having to churn up something every week, often wake in the silent hours, inspired and hearkening to the old saw: “Write about what you know or dream about,” So here we go.

As many of my column readers by now know, I am drawn to the spiritual realm. Thus, on a late evening in my small log cabin in Cheyenne country, after spending much time over the last week with my Mother, who has a limited time to be with us, I am motivated to pen about the benefits of solitude and spiritual reflection, even considering death.

In some respects, I am a social creature, now ever interacting with others for media purpose. While appreciating the many compliments from readers, I realize they do not know the real me. The questions: do I even know or like myself or am I comfortable with the notion of going on to another plane.

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