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Lakota Country Times: Former Oglala police officers start new firm

John Mosseau, a former police officer for the Oglala Sioux Tribe, is one of the founders of Canksa' Yuha.

Former OST Officers Open Firm
By Brandon Ecoffey
Lakota Country Times Editor

PINE RIDGE--Two former employees of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Police Department have branched out on their own to start a new and innovative business.

With over 50 years of experience working in the field of law enforcement, John Mousseau and Daniel Hudspeth have seen it all. The two former officers have hung up their badges and guns and have opted to open Canksa' Yuha --a business designed to provide high quality security training for both tribes and off reservation clients.

Mousseau has an impressive resume that's lists him as having over twenty years of law enforcement experience, fifteen years of supervisory training, and a certification from the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a trainer to go along with numerous others awards and certifications.

Mousseau was also just recently named as the National Native American Law Enforcement Association's "Officer of the Year" and has served as both Chief of Police and Deputy Chief of Police for the Oglala Sioux tribe. He says that the new business will take him out of the line of fire both politically and literally and provide a much needed service to tribal-nations.

"Cansa Yuha will provide real time training for tribes and tribal programs," said Mousseau. "Our goal is to provide professional consulting and training in security and protocols. These protocols ideally would assist a program in maintaining and providing its staff with the most up to date information and knowledge on a threat, so that the mission they are striving to achieve is backed with knowledgeable and well trained staff who understand the importance of security in accomplishing their company’s goals," he added.

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Mousseau's partner in the business is none other than the man that used to walk the beat with him. Daniel Hudspeth has nearly a quarter-century's worth of experience and is a National Law Enforcement Training Center Certified Instructor who served as an administrator for the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

"We are a professional dedicated team of consultants that will provide up to date training and information to assist an enterprise in developing and training its program and staff on how to better the safety and well-being of all that they serve," said Hudspeth.

The company currently has coursework developed for the following:
• Defensive Tactic’s (OC, Handcuffing, Baton, Knife and Ground Defense and tactics)
• TASER Cert
• Firearms Training
• Professional Development
• Crisis Intervention
• Domestic Violence
• Bullying/Suicide Awareness
• Trauma based response
• Active Shooter
• Police review and writing
• Field Training Officer
• Drug identification and training
• Evidence procedures
• Criminal/Admin Investigations
• Leadership Training
• Report Writing
• Armed Security and Escort
• Professional protection

For more information or to schedule a meeting contact PO Box 201 Pine Ridge SD, 57770 or call John at 605-454-2473 or Daniel Hudspeth at 605-454-6911. email:

(Contact Brandon Ecoffey at

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