James Giago Davies: Thoughts about Lakota athletes and education

James Giago Davies. Photo from Native Sun News

Some thoughts about Lakota athletics
It’s really about Lakota education
By James Giago Davies

According to Richie Richards’ excellent article in the February 10 edition of Native Sun News, college recruiters take a student’s entire high school academic career into consideration, or at least that is what Scott Nagy, head coach at SDSU said in that article. So if the Lakota ballplayer doesn’t have the foresight as a 14-year-old to have supportive parents and keep up his grades, as a freshman and sophomore, he only has himself to blame for not qualifying academically for college.

That’s awfully big of academia, to hold that peach fuzz rez kid that accountable, to teach him there are hard-knocks consequences in life the Wasicu expect you to comprehend. But the recruiters would say our job is to put an academically eligible product out on the basketball court, not solve the world’s social problems.

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