Charles Carlyle: Questions to ask when doing business with tribes

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Charles L. Carlyle, a member and business leader on the Ak-Chin Indian Community in Arizona, offers advice for those looking to explore economic opportunities in Indian Country:
Before you decide to run a business on tribal lands, there are several important issues to consider.

Basics like leases, taxes and utility rates can vary compared to nearby municipalities, and approval processes can vary.

In order to assess whether or not your business or development project is a good fit for a tribal location, here are 10 key questions to ask the tribal representative:

1. What cultural traditions and values are important to your tribe as it relates to economic development?

2. How is your reservation property held in trust? Do you have allotted lands or does your reservation belong to the tribe as a whole?

3. What is your lease process? Who oversees leases and handles approvals?

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