James Giago Davies: Drugs and crime overrun our reservations

James Giago Davies

Drug dealing is a huge reservation success
Where there is no economy such business thrives
By James Giago Davies
Native Sun News Today Columnist

Meth is a double bad drug, as in if you don’t have it, you will do anything to get it, and if you do get it, it destroys your brain.

Not content with just getting drunk or baked, people on our reservations now prefer to get wired, because any high is better than the reservation reality they want to escape.

They aren’t overly concerned about damaging their body or their mind, because those are two commodities which mean very little when you place no value in the latter. So there is no shortage of reservation youth losing what to us is everything, which to them is nothing, to meth.

Scumbags abound to take advantage of this sad situation. In this case they are Hispanic, and they patrol our reservations, hop out of their vehicle, and shoot people where they stand. Last night they pulled up to the Sue Anne Big Crow Center and shot a kid in the head and it is all over meth, more specifically, the money to be made or lost dealing meth.

Even mainstream reservation agencies and services are often run in slipshod fashion, so you have to expect the drug dealing business, being illegal as hell, staffed by a criminal element, many of them dipping heavily into product, isn’t exactly running like a Swiss watch.

Contrary to popular belief, prisons aren’t full of criminals; they are full of people who failed at being criminals. When establishing those failure bonafides, failed criminals are on the outside doing the very things that will put them on the inside, or, worse still, in the bone yard, because that is where they put the worst failed criminals.

People, who drive up and shoot our kids in the head, are not failed criminals, or they wouldn’t keep doing it. They would be arrested, incarcerated, tried, convicted, sentenced, and then locked up. They clearly are not worried about that happening.

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