Native Sun News Today Editorial: Keep Sarah Palin far away from Bureau of Indian Affairs

Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and former Republican vice presidential nominee. Photo by Gage Skidmore

Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior?
God forbid!
By Native Sun News Today Editorial Board

As many of us stayed up late waiting for the results of the 2016 election we began to get a queasy feeling as the numbers favoring Donald Trump began to form.

We suppose that many of us hoped the numbers were wrong and in one respect they were. Trump won the votes of the Electoral College while Hillary Clinton won the votes of the majority of the American people.

It made us realize that the Electoral College is archaic. It is a dinosaur that should have become extinct 100 years ago. It was designed at a time when the only people allowed to vote were white, male land owners. The feelings were back then that by allowing the intelligential to determine the final vote it assured that those of less intelligence did not intrude upon the electoral process with their lack of political acumen.

In other words the electoral vote was used to keep those in power in power. It kept the rabble rousers on the sideline and therefore out of sight.

When Al Gore sat and waited for the officials in Florida to count the votes with the “hanging chads” he was already winning the popular vote over George W. Bush. He did win the popular vote, but like Hillary, he lost the Electoral College vote. Fair or unfair?

We all learned in our history class while in high school that America is a Democratic Nation where people are elected to serve by the popular vote. Read the book “Lies My Teacher Told Me” and you will learn a lot about so many of the things that were omitted from our history books.

The President of the United States when backed by a Congress made up of his own party can write and implement nearly any law. And a Donald Trump who was born and raised in New York City knows absolutely nothing about American Indians. And what is the most horrifying of all; there is a strong possibility that he will appoint Sarah Palin as the Secretary of the Interior. God forbid!

Palin is the vice presidential candidate who ran on the ticket with John McCain and served as the Governor of Alaska. Her motto was, and is to this day, “Drill baby drill!”

As Secretary of the Interior she will have the power to open all tribal lands to oil and mineral exploration and exploitation. Think about it. The power over American Indians by the Secretary of Interior is foreboding. She will have total control over the Bureau of Indian Affairs. For those who know their history they can cringe in terror by recalling the devastating damage a few Secretaries of the Interior have done to the Indian tribes of America in the past.

Yes, we are facing the prospects of going back in history, back to those days when the Indian tribes were fodder for the advancement of commerce, technology, the theft of natural resources and the total exploitation of Indian Country.

The 2016 National Election is over. We also have a new president for the Oglala Sioux Tribe named “Scotty” Weston and we pray that he will have the courage, dedication and strength to keep his people safe from the oncoming onslaught on our sovereignty. We congratulate him and wish him all of the luck.

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