Native Sun News Today Editorial: Too many Native Americans are ending up behind bars

The jails are top heavy with Native Americans
By Native Sun News Today Editorial Board

This year’s LNI indicates that there has been a large improvement in race relations in Rapid City, but as most Lakota will tell you, we still have a way to go.

Mayor Steve Allender has made it one of his objectives to put race relations near the top of his agenda. He saw to it that there were great signs placed around Rapid City welcoming people for the surrounding Indian reservations to Rapid City for the LNI and that is a first.

The city is making an effort, but there has to be some kind of contributions in kind by the Pennington County Commissioners and the Pennington County Sheriff’s Department. The court system in Rapid City is also archaic and needs to be brought into the 21st Century. The jails are top heavy with Native Americans. The courts place heavy fines on Indians knowing full well they cannot pay them and the result is that they end up behind bars.

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