SAFETY Act seeks to improve Indian schools and tribal colleges (January 27, 2016)

The bill brings tribes into the school construction process and also addresses tribal colleges and housing for teachers at Indian schools.

New leader of Muscogee Nation to deliver first State of the Nation (January 27, 2016)

Principal Chief James Floyd has vowed to focus on improving health care and other services along with bringing more accountability to the tribal government.

Native Sun News: Young Lakota man rides to world championship (January 27, 2016)

Oglala Sioux Tribal member Jordan 'Slick' Phelps has been viewing the world from the topside of bull since he was 4 years old.

Comedian Chelsea Handler visits reservation for 'Racism' episode (January 27, 2016)

The documentary series also featured a discussion with Joely Proudfit about the harmful effects of stereotypes on Native youth.

Lac Vieux Desert Band bolsters lending business with acquisition of service firm (January 27, 2016)

Chairman James Williams said the purchase will enable the tribe to continue growing its economy.

Siletz Tribe disavows video showing artifacts at refuge in Oregon (January 27, 2016)

Chairwoman Delores Pigsley expressed full support for the Burns Paiute Tribe after one of her citizens appeared in a video posted by the armed group.

Nooksack Tribe loses bid to prevent some from voting in election (January 27, 2016)

The Nooksack 306 are facing removal from the rolls but a tribal court judge said they can still exercise their voting rights.

Steve Russell: Bundys finally ousted from Paiute ancestral lands (January 27, 2016)

Most Indians agree when pushed that we are better off that the Constitution commands the federal government to deal with us to the exclusion of state and local governments.

Colville Tribes plan to convert building into senior citizens center (January 27, 2016)

Elders walked through the former Okanogan Bingo Casino last week and came up with a list of fixes.

Pacific Northwest tribes oppose expansion of pipeline in Canada (January 27, 2016)

The four tribes in Washington say the Trans Mountain pipeline threatens their treaty protected rights and could lead to more oil spills in the Salish Sea.

Agua Caliente Band remains patient in dispute over water rights (January 27, 2016)

Even though resolution could take years, Chairman Jeff Grubbe said the water rights lawsuit was a top priority for the tribe.

Grand Ronde Tribes support 'Indians' mascot at public high school (January 27, 2016)

The Oregon Board of Education has banned Indian imagery but schools can seek tribal permission to keep their symbols.

College eliminates mascot connected to smallpox blankets figure (January 27, 2016)

The 'Lord Jeff' symbol generated a lot of controversy at Amherst College in Massachusetts.

Navajo Nation confirms death of 17-year-old citizen to hantavirus (January 27, 2016)

The girl, who lived on the Arizona portion of the reservation, was an exemplary student with a 4.0 GPA.

Simon Moya-Smith: Paper publishes offensive and sexist cartoon (January 27, 2016)

Here’s what you see in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph editorial cartoon: A Native American woman in tears, bound at the wrists, barefoot, while some white business-cretin in a suit jubilantly leads her against her will.

Leaders of armed takeover at federal refuge arrested after death (January 27, 2016)

Robert 'LaVoy' Finicum, 55, who had been the primary spokesperson of the occupation, was killed in Oregon.

James Mills: Sovereignty trumps paternalism in tribal enrollment (January 27, 2016)

Almost every tribe I have worked with, and I have worked with hundreds, have problems in enrollment.