Tribal lenders face pressure as new rule aims to end 'debt traps' (June 7, 2016)

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a 1,341-page proposal that imposes standards on all lenders, including those operated by tribes.

Cherokee Nation citizen Stacy Leeds reappointed to law school post (June 7, 2016)

Stacy Leeds made history in 2011 when she became the first Native woman named as dean of a law school in the United States.

Blackfeet Nation sees lower teacher turnover due to local talent (June 7, 2016)

Some 63 percent of the teachers in a school district on the reservation identify as Blackfeet.

Richard Peterson: Strengthen tribal and state relations in Alaska (June 7, 2016)

The state should stop wasting resources we don’t have on cases against its own citizens.

Federal Bureau of Investigation director visits North Dakota tribe (June 7, 2016)

Chairman Mark Fox of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation said drugs and crime are rampant on his reservation.

White Mountain Apache Tribe to vote on lowering blood quantum (June 7, 2016)

Membership is currently open to people with at least one-half Indian blood, provided that one-fourth comes from White Mountain blood.

Bill revives tribal-state royalty committee at Interior Department (June 7, 2016)

The Crow Tribe, whose leadership has accused the Obama administration of a war on coal, supports H.R.5259, the Certainty for States and Tribes Act.

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs hosts town hall in South Dakota (June 7, 2016)

Committee staff will go over S.2953, the Indian Health Service Accountability Act, and take comments on the reform bill.

House panel sets hearing on land-into-trust and consultation bills (June 7, 2016)

One bill benefits the Tule River Tribe while the other creates standards and procedures for federal agencies to consult with tribes.

Iowa board approves energy pipeline work amid tribal objections (June 7, 2016)

The Upper Sioux Community, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other tribes have raised concerns about a burial site in the path of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Charmaine White Face: Trauma impacts survival of our language (June 7, 2016)

Remember the abuse and trauma that our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents went through in the boarding schools when the U.S. government and the missionaries were taking 'the Indian' out of them.

Mark Trahant: Twelve Native candidates on primary ballot in Montana (June 7, 2016)

Tuesday’s primary ballot is better than a map because each pin says so much about Montana.

Steve Russell: Clintons continue to get away with corrupt actions (June 7, 2016)

What are the voters to do? President Trump means we flame out; President Clinton means we rot.

Appeals court lifts sanctions in long-running Dakota land dispute (June 7, 2016)

Dakota descendants in Minnesota who are seeking rights to the land promised to their ancestors secured a small victory from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Sen. McCain in tough re-election fight over ties to Donald Trump (June 7, 2016)

The two-time chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs could lose his seat due to his support for the Republican presidential candidate.

Lakota Country Times: Pine Ridge Hospital sees shakeup in staff (June 7, 2016)

Only weeks after Oglala Sioux Tribal President John Yellowbird Steele pledged to close the Aberdeen Area Office and contract out the emergency room in Pine Ridge, federal officials opted to hire a contractor to do just that.

Native Sun News: Rolling Rez Arts van makes a stop in Rapid City (June 7, 2016)

The extraordinary Rolling Rez Arts Van, embellished with a strikingly brilliant buffalo herd pictograph, graced the corner of Seventh and Main streets in downtown Rapid City, South Dakota.

Native Sun News: Sioux Indian Museum affected by city proposal (June 7, 2016)

Were the Journey to be moved to the outskirts of town, to a decentralized site, it would lose its duality of place as a conveniently accessible events center and community and cultural centerpiece.