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Carly McIntosh: Our education system is failing young people today

The former St. Michael's Indian Residential School in Alert Bay, British Columbia. Photo: Christopher Porter

Carly McIntosh wants to know why the Canada isn't doing enough to make sure its young people are prepared for real life:
Young people are barely making it to grade 12, making it very hard for them to get a good paying job. When you don’t have a good paying job in this country, you are pretty much screwed. When they get a chance at a high paying job, they have no clue what they are supposed to be doing. During their shift, they just stand there surfing the web on their cell phones leaving higher educated employees to deal with the problem which was not theirs to solve in the first place. In the end, when they do not know what they’re doing, they just walk out on the job.

When it comes to Canadian education, the young are very poorly educated. They rely on others too much, and do not understand how to live their life in a proper manner. The word communication should be taking out of the dictionary because no one simply communicates anymore. The new way to live is through speaking to each other thru the World Wide Web. The young generation would give up their life to have their cell phone in their hand.

With all the new technology now, people only know eye contact with their gadget at hand and not what eye contact with another human being is.

Our new generation is leading us downhill. Soon enough, the older generation is going to fall and not be able to get back up. It is as if the younger generation has placed the older generation in a wide spread tornado full of all the problems we face, and until we solve all of these problems that the young generation have been given, we will not be able to escape this natural disaster.

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