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Adrian Jawort: Rightwing radio host called for Indian segregation

Better late than never? Montana radio show host Paul Mushaben apologized on March 13, 2017, for calling for Indian basketball teams to play in segregated tournaments. Photo: Cat Country

Writer Adrian Jawort, a citizen of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, looks into the controversy surrounding a radio show host in Montana who called for Indian basketball teams to play in segregated tournaments:
A popular local and regional country music radio “Breakfast Flakes” co-host in my hometown of Billings, Montana recently made national news when he suggested in a blog on the 1017 Cat Country music station the Montana High School Association should consider segregation of Native American teams from the state basketball tournament.

“The crowd is so unruly and disrespectful of the facility that it may be time for the MHSA to proceed with an all Indian (sic) tourney,” he wrote. “They have more than enough teams to compete and can have their own divisional facilities. It’s not safe anymore to have this kind of environment. Schools and fans should not have to put up with this atmosphere.”

After concerns were expressed about the radio station condoning racism, the blog was taken down. The station answered queries online, assuring people action was underway.

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