Native Sun News Today Editorial: Native people have the most to fear from Donald Trump's reign

Donald the cheese slid off your cracker a long time ago. "And I love it''

Waiting for the next shoe to drop!
By Native Sun News Today Editorial Board

Donald Trump came into office like a bull in a China shop.

Without doing the basic research he issued an Executive Order on immigration that was soon challenged by the States of Washington and Minnesota. The challenge went to the 9th District Court in California where it was declared unconstitutional and thrown out. Trump’s reaction was to insult the court by calling its members “so-called judges.” Not a wise thing to do.

He then questioned the integrity and competence of the intelligence agencies; the CIA and FBI, by accusing them of leaking all sorts of information to the media. Not a wise thing to do.

And then he turned his sights on the press calling them the “enemy of the people.” Not a wise thing to do. This prompted the NY Times and Washington Post to turn their staffs into full time sleuths investigating him.

He then accused the former President of the United States, Barack Obama., of tapping his phones at the Trump Tower in New York City. A president cannot authorize phone tapping. Not a wise thing to do.

So what did it get him? It alerted all of the lower level courts that if they ruled against him they would be attacked. It also made it a reality for any case involving Trump to be totally scrutinized and analyzed by all of the lower court judges.

The intelligence agencies lined up against him and started to dig into his and his cohorts connections to the Russians during the campaign. Did they work in collusion with the Russians to influence the Democratic process of the presidential election? A dossier prepared by an MI16 Spy from England was turned over to the media with allegations of Trump’s connections to Russia and of other nefarious activities by Trump while he was hosting the Miss America Pageant in Moscow. Not a pretty picture.

Trump gathered his own intelligence about the now debunked phone tapping incident from the right wing media. This is very odd because he had the presidential right to ask his own intelligence agencies to give him the facts.

He has placed his staff and cabinet in such embarrassing and indefensible positions that they have to actually stand up and lie to cover up his insanity. How long are they going to defend this out-of-control buffoon?

His promise to repeal Obamacare has created a new health program that he now owns and is properly labeled Trumpcare. It should be called Ryan/Trumpcare.

All in all Trump’s first 40 days as President of the United States have been a fiasco. His unfathomable behavior is scaring friends, allies and enemies alike. The American people who gave Hillary Clinton nearly 3,000,000 more votes than Trump are chewing their fingernails waiting for the next shoe to drop. Native Americans probably have much more to fear than any other American from this man who considered Indians his enemy when their casinos put him out of business.

Las Vegas bookmakers placed Trump’s longevity as president at 4 months. Anyone willing to take that bet?

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