Simon Moya-Smith: Media continues to peddle in Indian stereotypes

Attack of the Seminoles on the block house, a print said to represent an attack on a fort in Florida in 1835. Image: U.S. Library of Congress

Don't expect an apology after a commentator described terrorist territory as "Indian Country" in an appearance on Fox News. Simon Moya-Smith, a citizen of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, looks at the latest media misdeed:
Fox News’ Pete Hegseth crudely suggested that any, ANY civilians killed after President Donald Trump pressed the button, dropping the Mother of All Bombs, in Afghanistan last week probably deserved it. A savage, evil thing to say, I thought. But, then, suddenly, smack dab in the middle of a segment on MOAB and dead innocent men, women, and children, Hegseth managed to also somehow throw in a jab at Native Americans:

“This is Indian country. This is enemy country. This is a place where if you are there you’re likely collaborating or working with ISIS. Unfortunately, in any of these scenarios, you’re going to have some level of civilian casualties. We don’t want them, we don’t normally permit them at any mass level but you’re gonna have ‘em! And you can apologize for them, but it happens,” Hegseth uttered.

When the Fox News pundit compared Native Americans to ISIS, the radically religious terrorist organization, my mood went from bad to worse.

Never punch walls, folks. Punch keys.

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