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Steve Russell: The best advertisement for an education in America

A sign at the March for Science on April 22, 2017, in Washington, D.C. Photo: Amaury Laporte

For those who believe education is the key to success in America, President Donald Trump has proven them wrong. Steve Russell, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, on the lessons of being the leader of the free world:
Frank Bruni, writing in The New York Times, explained to me what I love about Donald Trump. The Donald may be the best advertisement for education who has resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in my lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong. In a society where too many people grow up valuing money and little else, Trump demonstrates a campaign for POTUS based on money and little else. His talent as a businessman has not been success; it has been making others pay the price of his failures. That paradoxical talent shone through when he talked about his bankruptcies.

Sending one of your enterprises into bankruptcy, to hear Trump tell it, is just another tactic for surviving in the middle of carnage. If your lawyers have done their jobs, your personal assets will remain yours while the creditors of your legal sock puppet will be stiffed like one of the workmen you brag about making sue for their wages so you can settle for less than what you agreed to pay.

If all you want is what Trump has, his life teaches that you must approach the world in a manner that keeps you in the center of it. Other people are eggs that must be broken to prepare the omelet of your life.

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